by Grant Smuts

Introduction to Amarith

So here’s what this blog is all about:
For the past several years I’ve been working on a book (Where the Gods Lie Dreaming), and that one book became two (and two became four, and four is swiftly becoming ten, and you get the idea), but my story was nowhere near complete.

But I decided that there was just too much of a world in my head to be contained in the tight boundaries of the plot, so I decided to put all the things that might not be added to my books onto the blogosphere.
Think of this site as the appendix to the upcoming novel(s), crammed full of back-story, side-story, weird not quite-a-story, almost-a-story, poems, “lore”, general geographic concerns and a space for me to complain.
Here, you’ll come to be familiar with one of my worlds, the world of Amarith.

Most of the world-building of Amarith will be done in-character, which is to say I’ll have made-up characters discussing certain aspects of the novel – such as a historian discussing key moments in the history of the world, a scholar explaining magic, a soldier comparing common fighting arts  to those used by the protagonists and villains, and so on.

Where the Gods Lie Dreaming will be launched in September, and as we draw closer to the launch, I’ll be filling the site with information about the world, its many denizens and its ever-expanding mythos. I have great artists helping me bring my characters and concepts to life, so stay tuned.

We’ll be delving deep into the myths and legends of a brand new world.