Thinking of the now-dormant venture known as Troll Magazine, I was reminded of the many times I was asked why I wrote fantasy. Building on my last post, which dealt with the difficulties of being a fantasy writer in South Africa, I remembered this particular post I made.
Looking at it now, I realize that my answer remains the same.
Here’s to Troll Magazine, and to its future revival as a bastion of fantasy and sci-fi!

Those interested in checking out what we were all about can visit us here

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-by Grant Smuts

“All novels are fantasies. Some are more honest about it.”
-Gene Wolfe

Usually I talk about the tropes and conventions of fantasy and what there is to love, hate, hate-love and love-hate about them. Today, I want to do something a little different, something a little closer to the heart of a fantasist.

The ideal of “The Sense of Wonder” is something I’ve repeated in each of my posts to date – it’s something I fervently believe in, a thing I feel, and which, perhaps, a lot of people feel when they read and finish a good fantasy book. Everyone has a reason why they read fantasy – and escapism is usually that reason. Now escape means a lot of things to a lot of people. And some forms of escape are better than others, and some are harmful and detrimental.
Usually, when I think ‘escapism’, I…

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