by Grant Smuts

—  the rest of the major players… the antagonists, this time.

The Mystes of Streggan Keep

Morvannon: A powerful, four path mage with a vendetta against the Order. He seems to be extremely knowledgeable of Valharrow and its history, and of the Order in particular.

Gieren: A skilled swordsman, who has begun to feel the effects of the Transfixion. He follows Morvannon, hoping that the powerful wizard has stumbled upon an answer to Streggan’s curse. He is rumoured to be of Geharan descent.

Trystan: A skilled spearman, head of a mercenary company, employed by Morvannon when he discovers that Trystan wields Gael’ran’Boch, a spear blessed by one of Gehara’s fallen gods.

Rue: A mysterious child who once walked the Streggan Murk. Rue possesses some strange magic that allowed him to endure the nightmares of Streggan’s forest. He seems to be immortal.

The Immured Being: A powerful, god-like entity trapped in the walls of Streggan Keep. It manifests within the innermost sanctum as a great eye, embedded into the wall, watching over the tomb of the Unknown Hero. It was originally thought to have been the source of the Transfixion, before the Archon of Streggan revealed that the Immured Being had, in fact, been keeping the curse at bay.

Drenmer: The Archon of Streggan Keep, and thought to be a scholar of New Rensmouth Academy. Drenmer reputedly left Streggan Keep two decades ago to uncover the secrets of the Transfixion, changing his name and disappearing for a time.

Kang: A warrior of Sunara, once loyal to the fallen royal family, now exiled from his native land. He operated in the shadows of Valharrow for a time, quietly eliminating the gang leaders with a mysterious assassin by his side. His preferred method of killing his enemies has earned him the moniker, the Red-Fist.
After many years, he receives an offer from who he believes to be the Archon of Streggan Keep.

Kalos of the Mire: A master spy, supremely loyal to the Mystes. He has reputedly gone deep undercover in Valharrow, thought to have penetrated the ranks of the king’s personal guard. He has discovered that the catacombs beneath Valharrow hold many deep and dark secrets, some of them pertaining to the Order of Saint Audren. What his real name might be is anyone’s guess – but his missives to Morvannon merely sign off as Kalos of the Mire.