Chrysalline Magic

In the year 990 YoA, the wizard Caradan Volte, officially recognized Arch-mage by the Synod of Ruhnd and current head of the Mage’s guild discovered the resonance of elemental magic within certain crystals, primed by the casting of spells within their vicinity. Taking the crystals for study, he discovered that magic could be ‘stored’ inside the crystals, much like rune-inscribed rings. However, upon attempting to inscribe runes in the crystals to further their uses, the resonance within the crystals faded and were rendered inert. However, cutting the crystals and refining them retained the magic, leading Caradan to conclude that the newly dubbed Chrysalline Magic was opposed to the Circean school of magic. He dubbed the crystal’s ‘passive absorption’ of magic as indicative of the raw essence of magic being condensed and shaped by the natural affinity of the crystals. He notes that certain crystals are only capable of containing certain magicks, and thus compiles a working guide to Chrysalline Magic and its uses, detailed in his study, Dual Philosophies.

Dual Philosophies

Following my discovery of the crystals embodying magic – and the fact that the traditional Circean practices of rune-inscription would not apply to them – the Synod saw fit to describe Chrysalline, or as they call it, Geo-Adventian (Earth’s Renewal) as a separate branch of magic altogether, much as they had with shamanism and the now extinct animism. What distinguishes Chrysalline magic from the latter two, however, is that both Shamanism and Animism depended on rituals similar to that found in traditional magic. They followed the same practices others did – it is better to simply name them different schools of Circean Magic. But Chrysalline Magic functions in an entirely different manner. By merely holding the crystal in one’s hand, one might direct the magic within it, to varying degrees. It appears that each crystal becomes attuned to a word of activation, which the wizard may prime by casting spells and speaking the work. In this way, the crystal ‘mimics’ the Circean ritual, and condenses it to merely the incantation and direction. The crystal is not primed indefinitely – it contains a certain amount of charges that, when used up, will render the crystal completely inert once more, which will then need to be primed again. Sometimes, in the case of crystals containing powerful spells, the crystal will become cracked after its final use, and be rendered unusable again.

Despite the obvious advantages given by a magical item that depends on only the will, and activation of its use, many Circean Academies disparage its use as one-dimensional and situational, depending rather on their tried and tested and admittedly more powerful and versatile Circean ritual magic.

However, there are some organizations who favour Chrysalline Magic; and I myself have seen the use of such magic.



On the continent of Dellmeria, an organization known as the Havarr made frequent use of Chysalline Magic. They are the Dellmerian counterparts to the Order of Saint Audren, hunting down demons and dark mages. They make use of special gauntlets (Called Theus Phantasma, or alternatively, Gauntlets of the Magi)in which they embed their crystals – Gladdensteel and puresilver for the most part, prolonging their use. However, after the Leviathan Calamity the havarr were thought to be wiped out by the catastrophic dream-spell that shook the western region of the continent.


Through some innovation and engineering know-how, I have managed to create small constructs containing crystals powered by a simple somakinesis spell. These, embedded with another crystal imbued with True Vision, allows me to use these little constructs for surveillance and information-gathering. I have reported my findings to the Synod, who have begun to reconsider their stance on the usefulness of Chrysalline Magic as a result. These panoptes of mine are used primarily in the defence of the Order of Saint Audren. By the advisement of the Hierophant, I have kept their appearance and usage a secret.

It is my belief that extremely powerful crystals might be used to power larger constructs – golems and the like, while possible with Circean Magic, has strict time constraits. But with Chrysalline Magic, it is possible that they might see indefinite use. It may indeed be that the Synod of Ruhnd has dismissed the usefulness of Chrysalline Magic far too quickly…

Though the disappearance of the Havarr suggests that their magic was insufficient in terms of protecting themselves.