by Grant Smuts

There were but two truths: inherit the order and foundation of this world, or destroy it.

I believe this is the choice my father stumbled upon in his journey to understand the old titans, which men have come to call Aions. In delving into the old lore, I have uncovered the makings and manipulations of an old story, to which men might feel a natural affinity for. It is simple to define the world in terms of good and evil. Without disparity, there can be no discernment, yet men are incapable of understanding themselves. How then, would they understand the world?

Yet when Rykisedek came into this world and brought nightmares to life, it was all too easy to understand as villainy, and Audren’s rise as heroism. Yet beyond the scope of their now legendary battle, is the machinations of those who would cozen destiny itself. What I see beyond this manipulation is a battle that extends beyond the effigies of man and devil. The struggle, as I saw it, was between dream and reality, as we must consider the effect of these battles upon the endless state of man and his desire to transcend his mortal self. By defying the beast, Audren raised man from the state of the helpless oppressed to that of the revolutionary. By striking the beast down, Audren represented the victory of man over immortal concepts. For a moment, death and powerlessness became empty, and man began to hope for more.

The aspiration to power and immortality is an attempt either to steep oneself in an eternal dream, or to rise above a transient dream-state. The idea, of course, is reaching for some sort of truth, all-too elusive in the world of comfortable delusions. True discernment becomes a godly attribute.

Yet behind the apparent victory there seems to be the shadow of collusion, something I have yet to fully understand. I sense I am close to it, however, the reason why my father left in search of the old titans. The crystal yields truth, or perhaps yet another delusion, to a man who sees no more than what he wishes to see.

Beyond the bounds of understanding, there is a forest, filled with murk and mystery. I have seen it, in my dreams, and I see it in the depths of the crystal.

Perhaps I too am being deceived.

Yet the choice remains mine, to either embrace or renounce the world to come.
And beyond hope, what could possibly await us?