At the foot of Titan’s Rest is the forest of Viridia, which is home to the earth elemental, Vortithiryx.

An immortal being considered one of the primary sources of earth magic in the world, Vortithiryx walks the world in two forms – the first and her most well known one is in the form of a vast spider, constructed of wood, soil and rock, resembling a wizard’s construct in many ways, but in truth she embodies the strength of the living world.

In this form, her power is palpable and can be felt even by those not attuned to magic.
Her second form is that of a preternaturally tall woman with silver hair and golden eyes. Her flesh resembles the grey bark of Yevegna, the great tree in the Valenaya forest to the south, also known as the Tree of Origin.

Once the paths to Vortithiryx were fraught with peril, filled with werewolves, and strange constructs known as manikins. Now, however, the forest is eerily silent, plagued only here and there by strange spider-like creatures known as the Hunger.

Deep within the woods there stands an abandoned hut, where a sorceress once lived seeking sanctuary from the Geharan genocides. Some of the more superstitious believe that she still lingers in the woods, unseen.

The path from Valharrow’s postern gate into the forest eventually leads to a place known as the Cave of Half-Shadows – wherein lurks the final test for the Order of Saint Audren’s novices. There they face a terrifying beast known as the Dream-Eater. Where before they would have to put their lives on the line to wound the beast, these days, the tests are conducted under the supervision of a master of the Order, though they have recently returned to their old ways.

Viridia extends far beyond the Cave of Half-Shadows and the base of Titan’s Rest. The woods occupy an ancient territory where great citadels once stood and great wars were once fought– the remnants of this mostly forgotten history can be seen among the crumbling ruins and the eternal mist that blankets its floor. Ghosts walk the fog, filling the night with their songs.