by Grant Smuts

Notes on the forthcoming edition

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who has supported the book so far, and thanks to everyone who follows this blog. I’m happy to announce that my last print-run has been quite successful; all books have been sold, and the reception to the story has been quite positive.
Based on some of the feedback I’ve been getting, I’ve decided to add a bit more world-building to the first book; I’ll be expanding on things that were only hinted at in my story, but which will aid the reader in understanding the context of Amarith in general and Valharrow and its surrounding freeholds in particular.

To this end, I’ve added appendices on the following:

  • A brief history of Saint Audren
  • The nature of magic in Amarith
  • The fallen nation of Gehara
  • The Sea of Chaos
  • A summarized history of Rensmouth Academy
  • a brief biography of Morvannon

In addition to the appendices, I’ve also added a glossary for some of the important terms and names appearing in the story; this glossary will be updated with each book, and my cover designer Ernest de Wet has graciously offered to add a few illustrations to the book.

The next version will be the final edition of the book, after which I’ll be pouring all my resources into finalizing the sequel for publication. Watch this space!