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For the past several years I’ve been working on a book, and now I’m a few months out from being made available for public consumption. This blog is a space for me to share a bit more about the world of the first set of books (Amarith), to delve into the lore and some of the important concepts of my upcoming novel(s) before it launches.

While here, I’ll mostly be doing lore and world-building (in-character), but I might deviate from those points if something major comes up.

I’ll try to keep a schedule on this – with lore and world-building updates at least twice a week.

Hope you enjoy learning about my world.


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  1. Then I will wait for its return. Purity of thoughts and immature writing style fascinate me.
    I find this one intriguing, though, so I will keep my eye on it. One page a day would, I think, not be bad for my busy schedule.

    I was here yesterday for this page, and just few minutes ago on The Author page -bad that reader cannot leave comment on there. Well, just have this strong want to tell that frustrations make us realize that the truths we believe are but lies…and then we start to recreate another world, another dream. I guess this where it all started… So, congratulations for the publication.


  2. What is in the The Book page?
    Interesting – very interesting, by that little introduction to the book I can sense the complex nature of the character of LandredVhael. Hislongst for attachment, his quest for meaning in an unfathomable world– all are manifestations of freedom and responsibility – and then there comes the dream –a contrasting sign to that existential manifestations -, all in one at the same time. The dream that motivates him or perhaps ( I could grasp) shapes the entire action of the story. What would be its moral effect to the character, to other characters, and to us readers…For this, I am having an impression, from a realistic or practical point of view, that you infused in one character different ideas that would redefine the present human community…

    Good job, Grant! I hunger for more…so definitely will catch up ’til I get to the new post.


  3. Read your book ‘Where the gods lie dreaming’ and must admit though that its pretty awesome, you succeeded in your attempt to write a dark fantasy based in the medieval era, original idea, please put up you book on goodreads so that it can gain more exposure.

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