Reclusive Ruminations: The Mage

As I look to wrap up the story of Children of Dust, I'm already thinking of my second draft, and the changes I'd like to make to the story, namely giving a little more spotlight to the villains. Much of the tale is told from the perspective of the main character, Saramas, and while his introspective, philosophical... Continue Reading →

Dramatis: Landred

by Grant Smuts On Landred: He worships the wheel of Fate, for ever turning Darkness like the ocean, crashing now, and churning. His light: lost and withered. His home lost, forsaken. rising from dreams of hope The sleeper awakened. You will remember me You will remember me for I will carve my name Into eternity... Continue Reading →

Dramatis: Morvannon

by Grant Smuts   On Morvannon: Voice ringing with fullness from past worlds, guiding dreams to the shining places. A tower stands in his way, blocking the light. Justice rings in his heart and demands that it falls; "peace" is written in blood. Let the gods stop me if they can but fate belongs in... Continue Reading →

Dramatis: Garrett

By Grant Smuts On Garrett: Laughter, women and wine is his truth, yet fire dances in his eyes and on his hands. Wit as sharp as the sickled moon, back to back with a legend yet to be made. The fire in my eyes and in my heart will never fade. I will protect the... Continue Reading →

Dramatis: Maiev

by Grant Smuts The following is the second of the main characters. While her role is admittedly smaller than Grayden and Garrett's in the first book, she remains a calming influence on the trio. I'm intending for her to be a major player in the later books of The Endless Dream. -- On Maiev: Determination beats in... Continue Reading →

Landred’s Hollow Dream, pt 2

by Grant Smuts There were but two truths: inherit the order and foundation of this world, or destroy it. I believe this is the choice my father stumbled upon in his journey to understand the old titans, which men have come to call Aions. In delving into the old lore, I have uncovered the makings... Continue Reading →

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