The Forest of Viridia

Once the paths to Vortithiryx were fraught with peril, filled with werewolves, and strange constructs known as manikins. Now, however, the forest is eerily silent, plagued only here and there by strange spider-like creatures known as the Hunger.

Rumours of the Cursed City

The following pertains to information gleaned in the course of the book, 'Where The Gods Lie Dreaming.' The ancient race, the Melechi will appear in other books, currently being written. Stay tuned... Rumours of the Cursed City by Grant Smuts -excerpt from a report by Val Teriam, envoy of Cloudrend to the city of Valharrow. In... Continue Reading →

Rensmouth’s Legacy

The name ‘Rensmouth Academy’ has fallen into disrepute in scholarly discourse of the Pre-Mundane days, mostly because of their more… esoteric practices. While no one can dispute that the Academy existed, there is an ever-dwindling number of scholars who believe in the true nature of its denizens…


By Grant Smuts *note – this work was published four years prior to the arrival of Morvannon Valharrow From Hallan Ren's 'A True Guide to Valharrow' ...Beyond the shadowy past of Rensmouth Academy, the shards of an unguessed past jutted from the ground like the bones of long-dead beasts. The city of Valharrow holds many... Continue Reading →

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