Reclusive Ruminations: The Warrior

In my latest story, Children of Dust (working title only), a tale of warriors and wizards in the afterlife, the villains form a pact that gives them powers beyond those of the other revenants in the setting of Nostrand. The Trinity is composed of three undead who decide to do away with the established order... Continue Reading →

Dramatis Personae pt2

by Grant Smuts -- ┬áthe rest of the major players... the antagonists, this time. The Mystes of Streggan Keep Morvannon: A powerful, four path mage with a vendetta against the Order. He seems to be extremely knowledgeable of Valharrow and its history, and of the Order in particular. Gieren: A skilled swordsman, who has begun... Continue Reading →

Walking Four Paths

by Grant Smuts Every story has a villain. This one's mine. The Forgotten House of Callister Born Sheoul of the house of Callister, Morvannon enjoyed an easy early life in the city of Fyrisia. A studious young man, he often butted heads with his elder brother, who was swiftly winning renown as a champion duellist,... Continue Reading →

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