The Sea of Chaos

Long ago, in an old city, a covenant was struck between men and those elder beings we call the Aions, establishing an Order of warriors and priests well-versed in cosmic magic. They sought the blood of gods, seeking to transcend the wars and conflicts of their time...

The Magic of Amarith, pt 1

"Circean magic, as the name suggests, draws its power from Amarith's second moon, gifting mages with a supreme command over the forces both visible and invisible upon the mortal plane."

The Order of Saint Audren

Few can boast seeing their blades burst with holy light, yet I was privileged to see one cut through a firestorm and bring a mage to heel without killing him. Through the inferno and the chaotic cacophany of magic, a blade, aglow with gentle moonlight, brought silence and stilled the madness and furore of the battlefield.

Rensmouth’s Legacy

The name ‘Rensmouth Academy’ has fallen into disrepute in scholarly discourse of the Pre-Mundane days, mostly because of their more… esoteric practices. While no one can dispute that the Academy existed, there is an ever-dwindling number of scholars who believe in the true nature of its denizens…


By Grant Smuts *note – this work was published four years prior to the arrival of Morvannon Valharrow From Hallan Ren's 'A True Guide to Valharrow' ...Beyond the shadowy past of Rensmouth Academy, the shards of an unguessed past jutted from the ground like the bones of long-dead beasts. The city of Valharrow holds many... Continue Reading →

Walking Four Paths

by Grant Smuts Every story has a villain. This one's mine. The Forgotten House of Callister Born Sheoul of the house of Callister, Morvannon enjoyed an easy early life in the city of Fyrisia. A studious young man, he often butted heads with his elder brother, who was swiftly winning renown as a champion duellist,... Continue Reading →

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