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Where the Gods Lie Dreaming

-the debut fantasy novel by Grant Smuts

 ‘Long ago, there was a dream, and the dream was the only reality. It was a consciousness, amorphous and volatile, floating in the dark: a tempest without shape or reason. Then came the elder things from the darkness beyond the stars and together they fashioned Amarith, our world. Upon this world, they imprinted their passions, their hopes, their wishes, for it is by their will that all living things take form. They are the bearers of an indomitable will, and they each gave a portion of their will to this world – the patterns of their souls, tiny splinters of infinity. It was easy to think of this as a gift.
Far too easy.’ 

Grayden Vhael is the child of a lost nation, haunted by strange dreams of what he believes are the lost deities of his homeland. Seeking purpose – and a place to belong – he joins the Order of Saint Audren – a group of warriors and scholars tasked with hunting and destroying all forms of evil magic.

The Order of Saint Audren

Finding fellowship, his sense of peace is quickly shattered by the arrival of a powerful wizard named Morvannon, a wanderer from the Valley of Auster.

Quickly reigniting an age-old feud between the Order and a legion of shadow warriors from Streggan, Morvannon goes to ground, hoping to reveal the false history of the religion behind the Order.

During the upheaval of this time, Grayden experiences visions and dreams of beings, once worshipped as gods, known only as the Immortals, held bound in dream-worlds, and he attempts to set them free.

In time, he comes to be aware of the Great Wills, the Pillars of Dreams, who set their will, their symmetries in the world, hoping to create their vision of a ‘true universe’.

As he is drawn further and further into dreams, however, he begins to perceive two figures, watching the events of both the dream-world and physical world, where Morvannon delves into the secrets of Valharrow.

These figures are beings of the dark beyond the stars. Observing the world as its events seem to lead to calamity; they have been subtly moving and manipulating the people in the world to yield a single outcome. They are the observers of the true reality, collapsing possibilities into a single path, one destiny that they hope to see fulfilled.

Yet they too are seeking a truth, a pattern hidden even from them, and as the gods lay bound in slumber, it becomes clear that Morvannon holds the key to their lost dreams.


a book and its boy

Where the Gods Lie Dreaming is a Cosmic Horror tale, painted on the backdrop of a High Fantasy landscape, where truth is constantly questioned, and dreams have physical impact. It’s a tale of feuds, manipulations, gods and ancient wars, but at its heart, it’s a tale of a young man who desperately wants to feel that he belongs somewhere.


Where the Gods Lie Dreaming available now in South Africa.
Stay tuned for details on the e-book, coming soon.


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