The Endless Dream: The Grimoire, pt 3

Next in the spellbook - Kainen's Spear of the White Wold

The Endless Dream: The Grimoire, pt 2

"This excerpt is of the Telling of the great Prince of Fire, whose chariot is the sun, who rushed to the sea-goddess's aid, when the demon-king besieged her ocean palace."

The Forest of Viridia

Once the paths to Vortithiryx were fraught with peril, filled with werewolves, and strange constructs known as manikins. Now, however, the forest is eerily silent, plagued only here and there by strange spider-like creatures known as the Hunger.

Dramatis Personae pt2

by Grant Smuts -- ┬áthe rest of the major players... the antagonists, this time. The Mystes of Streggan Keep Morvannon: A powerful, four path mage with a vendetta against the Order. He seems to be extremely knowledgeable of Valharrow and its history, and of the Order in particular. Gieren: A skilled swordsman, who has begun... Continue Reading →

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